Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Inventions to make life easier

They say the idle mind is a devil's workshop. As for me, the idle mind keeps wandering away to create gizmos that would/could/should exist, and if they already do, should be made more accessible. Here are a few -

  • An electronic device to plug into a mobile to transfer all the names and phone numbers onto its memory, then to be transferred the same way onto another mobile phone's memory.

  • For people who don't have radios, they can pick up the phone receiver and tune in to different FM channels. An incoming call can either be heard like a call waiting beep, or the normal way by the phone's ringing. Needless to say, this service should be absolutely free.

  • A hand-held television, that looks something like a GameBoy which can tune in to all channels including the pay channels. This way travelling becomes so much easier.

  • Power socket points in train compartments to charge batteries or mobile phones or... well, the list is endless.

  • A torch that is charged by keeping it exposed to any form of light - the bigger the surface area of the torch, the better. When its time to use the torch, a thin beam of light enough to read a book in the dark can be used. Hmmm... now if only there was a way to store light energy to be used later.

  • Music channels like MTV and Channel V playing real-time free-to-air on FM radio.

  • Mobile phones should have a locator that can be activated by the user for a specific other mobile number. Then another person using that other mobile number should be able to track down this user using his mobile phone. The simplest way could be playing beeps for "hot" and "cold" depending on how close or far the other mobile phone is. Would be very helpful to locate people in crowded areas.

  • A transmitter that can be plugged in the output socket of any audio device. A pair of earphones with a receiver which will receive the audio over long distances. Something like a free-to-air transmission - would be great although illegal if done on the FM bandwidth.

  • A electro-static device that can be attached to the rims of the windows in your house which attracts all the dust and doesn't let it come inside the house.

  • A headset that can be plugged into the computer or the TV and then you can just lie down somewhere and watch the video on small screens in front of your eyes. Needless to say, you hear audio through earphones in the headset.

  • A belt clip device which comes with the handset, with wireless connectivity between the two. The belt clip raises an alarm as soon as the handset goes out of a range of approximately 6 feet from the clip. Big functionality in terms of not letting you forget your phone somewhere and walking away from it.

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