Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am not a fan, but...

I am not a fan of societal pressures... they're impersonal, highly irrational, driven by herd mentality and fuelled by gossip.

Although I do notice the fact that we all are social animals (whether we like it or not, or are willing to accept it or not), in the face of societal pressures, I'm amongst the first ones to say "screw 'em. do what you want."

However, I must say, for the first time, I find myself acknowledging the positive impact societal pressures have had on any person, in this case myself...

After numerous (3 to be counting) attempts at gymming, I find myself back in a gym eager to get back into shape. Over the last 4-5 years, slowly but surely, my body has found places to store additional resources which are, to say the least, quite unflattering.

I've been getting ribbed about it for the last many months by my family, friends and colleagues... however, recently even distant relatives did bring it up, albeit politely ("this much weight is okay, just don't gain any more").

I've seen friends go through the whole gymming phase and most have stuck to it, with good effect. All of them have always talked about how working out has become a passion (to a few, an obsession) and how once the changes have started appearing, motivation takes care of itself. Its that very stage I need to reach... visible differences that spur you on... and the only way to reach that is to keep going, no matter what.

A couple of problems I have always faced with gymming -
1, its always been too tiring for me to see the point - I gym, I literally die - I don't gym, I feel normal - you see why its made sense for me to choose to stop gymming?
2, a screwed-up work life balance becomes a convenient reason to support point 1 - where's the time, I've said?

Anyway, its high time... and I'm tired of facing the mirror and finding an unfit overweight guy looking back.

I have a plan too... apart from the cardio and weights, it involves watching what I eat (avoiding rice and sugar) and what I drink (colas or beer). I might go in for protein supplements and/or Herbalife, and as a backup, keep an option for the GM diet ready. And if none of these work, there's always the option of smoking weed day in and day out to lose the weight... haha, I wish I could let myself do that ;)

Anyway, this time round, I'm back in the gym... and 3 days in, I can see visible improvement in my stamina.

And I can't wait to get back to the gym tomorrow...

P.S. Fingers crossed!!!

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